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Lynne Jasinski Johnson

Owner of J Pro Homes and JLynne Coaching

THIS LADY IS THE REAL DEAL!! She's an outstanding coach, as well as an inspirational human being!! Chantel's real estate knowledge is second to none, and she will hold you accountable so you can take your business to the next level and beyond!

Cheryl Cloninger Richey

Richey Properties, LLC

Where is Chantel when I started in the business? I've known Chantel for about 6-7 years. When we met, I had already been in the business for a while. But what I wouldn't have given to have met her years earlier. If I hired Chantel, I would have been able yo excel my business 2 to 3 times faster than going at it alone. Her skills and knowledge in the real estate space is Second-to-None. You will never regret hiring Chantel as your coach!!!!

Ronald Lloyd

Director of Operations WFS Express

Brandon Carter exemplifies what it means to be a 21st-century manager, combining the qualities of being a manager and a leader. As a leader, Brandon has been able to replicate himself through succession planning by positively coaching and mentoring his subordinates. As a manager, Brandon is a self-starter who takes initiative to problem solve with a 360° view of the company's mission statement and core values. Brandon is an invaluable peer coach, aligning and working together with his colleagues to reflect on current practices; expand, refine and build new skills: share ideas; and problem solve with the team in the workplace. He has my highest recommendation as a coach, mentor, manager and leader.

Since working with Brandon, our experience has been exceptional. He has proven to be an invaluable asset in helping us set both short-term and long-term goals, not only for our business but also for our personal lives. Brandon's expertise and guidance have been instrumental in formulating actionable plans tailored to our specific needs and aspirations. By having a well-defined action plan, we are now better equipped to make progress consistently. If you are looking for a dedicated accountability coach who will help you gain perspective, set meaningful goals, and provide ongoing support, I highly encourage you to consider working with Brandon.

I have had the honor or working with Brandon Carter over the last 6 months as my accountability coach for my business. What I love about working with Brandon is that he is supportive in feedback, helps me dig deeper into my potential and keeps me on track to reach my goals. Everyone needs that person who sees your potential even when at times your vision may not be clear. Thanks Brandon for the confidence building and above all your faith in me to succeed.

Had the opportunity to meet Brandon a few years back- and man are we glad we did. Brandon is one of the most positive, supportive, and hard working individuals I've ever met. Since meeting him, he has really helped me with multiple scenarios, including how to be an incredible leader for our small business staff. I highly recommend working with Brandon!

Brandon is an elite business coach. He really understands his role, which is to ask the right questions, provide perspective to the specific situation to help overcome a negative thought pattern or even open eyes to a viewpoint previously not considered, as well as helping prioritize action items for the next time period. As such, I take my meetings with him seriously and make sure I come prepared for these calls so that I can get the most from them. As with anything, the output is directly connected to the input, but with Brandon, he is a multiplier so therefore the input to output ratio is m more like a 1:3 ratio because of how much he cares and of course because of his experience. I highly recommend his service and encourage anyone who works with Brandon to take your goals and objectives seriously so that he can help multiply your efforts



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